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According to Washington State law, Chapter 69.51a RCW, “Qualifying patients with terminal or debilitating medical conditions who, in the judgment of their health care professionals, may benefit from the medical use of cannabis, shall not be arrested, prosecuted, or subject to other criminal sanctions or civil consequences under state law based solely on their medical use of cannabis, notwithstanding any other provision of law.”

SB 5052 – 2015-16 effective July 24, 2014



Here is a link to the full chapter.

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THE EFFECTS OF I-502 and 5052

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Because of the recent recreational cannabis law, medical cannabis is in jeopardy. In addition to threatening a patient’s right to grow their own plants, I-502 ignores the distinction between medical and recreational cannabis. Medical cannabis is medicine, and is often processed to remove the part of the plant that creates a euphoric high and encourage the part that is beneficial for a certain disease.

Most recently Washington State Passed 5052. We have information and the 5052 pdf link in our “BLOG” section of our website.  Please read through the updated medical cannabis requirements.

Please remember that the registry that starts July 1 2016, is OPTIONAL, without registering, patients or designated provider can be arrested but has an affirmative defense to criminal prosecution for possession of up to four plants and six ounces of usable marijuana: may not participate in cooperatives;  purchase at retail stores limited to amounts for all adults and are subject to sales tax.

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Please, find and communicate with your representative, as it’s an election year. Research who is running against them and what your Representatives opinions are about medical cannabis. Let them know  how vital  the access and research surrounding medical cannabis is to our communities. It absolutely should  remain separate from recreational.  Tell your representative how important medical cannabis is to you and the state of Washington.

We deserve to have pesticide and mold and yeast testing on all products sold in Washington State. As well as ACCURATE measurements of THC and CBD> and terpenes.

Now more than ever constituents of Washington State should contact their representatives and express your concerns, and educate your representatives about the value of cannabis as medicine.  Access to Medical Professionals, that specialize in  cannabis treatment is being restricted, patients are losing their rights at an alarming rate, with no factual medical reasoning to do so.

Find Your Representative


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