How to update your medical file- for patients that need additional information

With the changes in WA state law, cannabis patients need to be able to prove current treatment of their qualifying condition. We understand that many conditions “will never go away” and that you may find seeking care futile in some cases but we must follow the state’s recommended guidelines to protect patients and our physicians. Following guidelines will allow us to continue providing care. You may have noticed that many facilities that used to offer cannabis authorizations no longer do so because of the stringent new guidelines.

For chronic/intractable pain and many other conditions it is also necessary to document what treatments you have tried in the past. It’s ideal to do so through copies of your medical chart, labs and imaging reports, although we can also accept letters from your physician that confirm your diagnosis- ideal if they’d like to allow cannabis use for you but cannot authorize for various reasons. We can use records from all the health care providers you have seen: MD, ND, LAc, LMHC, Psy, DO, DC, LMT, PT are a few of the abbreviations you’ll find after these health care provider’s names. If you have medical records of your qualifying condition that are more than one year old, you’ll need to update your medical record. You can return to your physician to let them know you are still experiencing symptoms so that they are properly documented. If you don’t have a current physician, you’ll need to find one.

There are many reasons it is best to have a current health care provider aside from needing one for documentation purposes. Many health conditions have early signs and symptoms that can be identified with regular exams and labs. Most health problems are best treated early. Many of our patients prefer more natural treatments- natural treatments are usually more successful in early disease stages. Naturopathic physician can be ideal primary health care providers if you prefer more natural treatment methods or are wary of conventional drugs.

It is not necessary to try medications you have already unsuccessfully used or treatments that didn’t work for you in the past. If they are suggested by your physician at the appointment, let them know and ask them to put the failed treatments in your file so they will not be suggested again.

Medical care does not have to be prohibitively expensive. If you have health insurance, try seeking out care covered by your plan first as it will usually be less expensive than non-covered providers. For uninsured patients, many health care providers offer reasonably priced options- consider community clinics and those that offer sliding scale fees. Additionally, all of our physicians have private practices and would be glad to see you.

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